Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Focus Rally

Hello fellow bloggers!
One of my close friends Brittany Boddington

(Brittany and me durning my March California trip-2010)

is on a reality game called Focus Rally: America. She is on the RED team… please sign up to support/follow her team and once you’ve signed up you have a chance to win a car!!!

Good luck Brittany :)

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!

Happy birthday to the SWEETEST little sister in the whole wide world!!! Sara is a TEENAGER today (scary I know!) it was only yesterday when we was carrying around her whale stuffed animal at OHA baseball games...Now she is playing sports at OHA--- Sara STOP growing up!!
*prayers for my mom these next few years ;)

Sara’s Alphabet
A: AOL, awesome sister, all-star softball player, artist,
B: best friend, basketball, barns, blackberry, bon qui qui, BLOOD? BLOOD? Not funny.. NOT FUNNEEEEEEE, black eye peas,
C: coal, charades, California, Chloe :) Coraline, chicken nuggets, Christmas time, crab legs
D: dead teeth, DISNEYWORLD, dee dee dee dee dee, Disney channel, Do you love me?
E: eating jars of pickles
F: favorite sister, facebook, fireworks, flower photo, four points score this basketball season!
G: gorgeous, girl talk,
H: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! HaRrY pOtTeR?!, HORSES, hiking, hotdogs
I: iTouch, I am the favorite daughter,
J: January 27, 1998, Jersey Shore,
K: king bed, ke$ha,
L: Little (fat) kitty, laughing,
M: Miss kitty, Myrtle Beach, Mississippi, MSU, music, Mossy Oak,
N: Nana, nicest 7th grader, nummie
O: Odessa, OHA
P: PUMPKIN!!!!!, princess kitty, pickles, Papa, Phi Mu in the making, pizza,
Q: Q-T! quoting movies,
R: Rudolph, reading, river days,
S: swimming at Waverly EVERY SINGLE day I worked!, sweet sister, Simi Valley, Skip, Softball, snow days, shrimp, ski trip we took when you were 1 years old and you CRIED THE WHOLE TIME!!!! Six Flags...

T: two front teeth missing for 2 years!! (Muhahaha), thirteen today!, Texas, taco bell, Toy Story, teenager!
U: UP, unicorn for Halloween,
V: veterinarian,
W: whaley (your favorite stuffed animal), West Point, webkinz (all 12739847956 of them),
X: xanthocomic (means:’re a true blonde right??!! :)

Y: yaya, youtube (strange horse videos), you singing louder and better than anyone in the car

Z: zoo trips, zebra rug, ZBQ

and we're the three best friends that anyone could have :)


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

EXciting news!!!

Exciting news for the Toms/Pegram family :) our sweet niece Carolyn “Calloway” Toms was born Sunday night, Jan 21!! Reed went to her last check up Thursday and felt that Calloway would probably be here before Monday, but really hoped that it wouldn’t be Saturday since her AWESOME doctor would be out of town. Sure enough I got a text around 4:30 p.m. Sunday from them saying that they were checking into the hospital and they were going to have a BABY GIRL tonight!!! About an hour later I get a text saying that it looks like Calloway will be here in the next hour and a half, an hour passes and another text saying they are calling in the doctor!!! Everything went great and Calloway came into the world at 7:53 p.m.!! Momma and baby are doing fabulous- I got a picture of Reed holding the baby RIGHT after giving birth and I was thinking “did she really just have a baby?!?!?” She looked amazing!! I LOVE them so much and can’t wait to see them again soon!! We also loved getting to see Pearce :) who is getting soooo big and knows how to work an iPhone better than Aunt Meg! Here are some of my favorite pics of sweet Calloway!!!

Carolyn Calloway Toms 7 lbs 5 ounces 19 inches perfect!

first pic with momma and daddy!!!

loving uncle B

so alert!

sweet smile :)

she is the sweetest baby EVER, but still no baby fever for this set of Toms!! ha

More exciting news………. WE ARE MOVING to Madison, MS :D

As some of you may know we put an offer in on a house right before Thanksgiving- it was in Ridgeland neighborhood- Shadowood. It was an AMAZING house- really reminded me of a “leave it to beaver” home. It was MUCH bigger than we really need, but the price was right so we decided to make an offer, two days later we agreed on the price and start the process of making this house ours. We had our inspector come that following Friday (we actually paid a little more to have structural engineer come out since the house was 14 years old) This is when we got the BAD news :( the house had MAJOR foundation problems!! Like a 7 inch foundation problem. I was SO upset and did not want to start the search all over.
Every day I would check the MLS-Jackson to see if any new houses were on the market in the Madison area. Our AMAZING realtor Kathy Bryan led us to some wonderful houses and finally we have found the most PERFECT HOME!!!!! We close Monday Jan 31st :) are you ready??? It gets better :))) Scott and Megan Hodges bought a house ten house down from us!!!!!! Ashbrooke here we come!!!

front view

shot of the living room

view of the kitchen

our backyard view!! AMAZING :)

more (better) pictures to come!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

30 YEARS... but who's counting ;)

Yesterday was a very special day… my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary!!!!

To celebrate their big day they decided to go to New Orleans for a weekend get-a-way! Earlier that week (Wednesday night) my mom called me and told me she lost her wedding ring!! Seriously!!?!? The week of her 30th wedding anniversary??? Sometimes when mom is preparing dinner she will take off her ring and put it in the kitchen window seal and just put it back on the next morning… well we have two cats that would think her ring is a great toy. She was so upset :( she was moving furniture, looking in the trash and making Sara search everywhere… me trying to be positive- told her that this was not a bad thing and they she could convince dad to buy her a 30 year upgrade!!!

I met them Friday afternoon in Jackson and picked up Sara and they headed down to New Orleans. I noticed that my dad and Sara kept winking at each other and acting really silly… well as soon as Sara got in the car she said “I have to tell you something” I said okay… She began to tell me about dad and his sneaky moves… My dad has a cousin who lives in South Carolina who is an amazing jeweler. Dad took mom’s ring from the window and shipped it to SC to have Doug work on it—the first plan was to put a bigger diamond in the original setting, but with little time and the age of her ring it wasn’t looking like that was going to work… her original ring had about 10-12 little diamonds so he took all the diamonds out and put them into a necklace and put the new diamond into a new ring that she’ll wear for the next 30 years :) this was delivered to dad Friday at noon… do we see why FedEx is so awesome ;)

It was so sweet!!! Sara and I felt like mom was getting engaged again!!! They had the best time!!! Happy Anniversary to the best parents!!!!! LOVE Y’ALL!!!

necklace made from her old ring!

New bling for the next 30!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

its been a long time comin'

Seriously… what is my problem?? I love to blog and I love to read blogs, yet I always go on 6 month breaks??!!! Man ol’ man there is just soooooo much to get caught up!!! So I will pick some of my favorite events that have happened in the Toms’ world over the past 6 months!
MOST IMPORTANT!!!!I am now a mommy!!! Meet Chloe LaDiva Toms she is the sweetest baby yorkie in the whole world :) The first few months were hard because puppies like to use that bathroom everywhere, but now that Chlo is 7 months she is totally potty trained!!!

first day with Chloe!!!!

so tiny :)

Halloween card!!

cute halloween dress (mom's fav holiday)

in bed
after getting her hair did :)
More exciting news…………..
So many of my friends and family have gotten ENGAGED and MARRIED!!!

Andrew and Emily (my cousin)

Leanna and Steve

Katie and Clay

Greg and Jessi


Jeremy and Christi

Megan and Scott

first dance

Toms family

Katie Moulds and me :)

um..... the boys were obsessed with the song shout "and getting a little lower now..."

Being silly at the wedding and having his tie on the outside of his vest...

DANCING!!!! He never dances with me at weddings!!
Next beautiful bride... Courtney Wechsler McShan!!!


trio: Katie, Spring, and me

my date for the weekend- Katie :)

Raifords...... enough said.....

Next Couple: Kim and Nathan!

some mu girls: Collin, Molly, me, Katherine and Amber

Silly bar pic: Suzanne, Katherine, Callie, Amber and me

Katie, Katherine, Amber, me and Collin
Next Couple: Wally and Stepanie

MORE GREAT NEWS................

I got a new job!!! I am working at a pharmaceutical company as the office manager in Jackson.

West Point girls take over Memphis!!!!!

5 o'clock somewhere....

We stayed at the Peabody :)

We celebrated Anna's 24th Bday

We waited in a massive line to get on Beale Street

Everyone finally meets SILKY!

Kate and me



Back: Anna, Elizabeth, Celia Front: Mallorie, me, Katie

end of a LONG and FUN night!!!
Some of my WP Lovies have BEAUTIFUL BABIES!!!!

Anna and Mary Crosly

Molly's sweet baby- Lucy Caroline
COLBY comes to WP!

Mallorie, Elizabeth, Celia, Anna, Colby and me

Anna, Colby, me

the girls :)

I learned how to play the ICE game!! (this was the only time I was ever iced!)

I TURNED 25 and got to be with some of my favorite people!!! For my 25th birthday my mom and I traveled to Odessa, TX (where I was born and where mom and dad grew up) Brandon had to fly my bday weekend… so mom asked me to go with her because she was already going for some high school reunion thing. Well, once I decided to go we decided not to tell my cousin Chris (who is like an older brother to me) who lives in Odessa. So when I got there on Thursday my aunt Laura and I went to his work to surprise him :) it worked!! He was totally SHOCKED and super excited to see me!!! It was such a great weekend- We toured mom’s high school Permian High School (PHS)… you’ve probably heard of this school from the book and movie Friday Night Lights. The pep rally was fun and MUCH larger than my high school (OHA graduated with 44 ppl) And we went to the game that night- The band played the Beatles= I was in heaven!! Saturday started off the bday events—I wish I could tell you that I was feeling good on Saturday morning, but since me, my mom and aunt Laura decided to stay up until 4 am drinking wine this was not that case. We ran around Odessa and got some party favors for the bday bash then started getting ready. We ate a late lunch and we weren’t super hungry so I wanted to go to my all time favorite fast food place Wienerschnizel!!! Best chili cheese dogs ever!! After that we went to Dos Amigos for a drink where they had LIVE bull riding for kids!! It was scary!! After that we went some bar and they played fun DJ music- it was so much fun and I danced nonstop until the bar closed!! The next day came wayyyyyyyyyy to quick- we had a bday brunch at 9:30 the next morning! Once we got there and started drinking again everything turned out great! Ha It was so much fun to be with aunt and cousins- I’ve missed them so much!!!

mom with nichole in front of PHS

Bragging on her old swim trophies

Mom, aunt Laura and Nichole at PHS pep rally

me and Chris

swinging :)

the girls

sweet daddy and his babies

the band playing the Beatles

mom and me and the game

cousin Bev and her youngest Aaron

Laura, mom and Bev

Wienerschnizel for dinner!!!



being silly

uh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

8 hours later................ more drinks!!!!!!!!!

bday cake

bday brunch: Bev, me and Val

mom and aunts singing me happy birthday...

I was crying from laughing soooo hard!!

aunt Gayla

Leaving the sweet Englerts :(

Cousin/aunt pic!

My sister in law, Reed is prego with the first Toms girl!!! Carolyn Calloway will be here at the end of January and I can’t wait to spoil her with everything PINK!

I love this picture of Reed and Pearce!!

Pearce------OMG!!!! Such a cutie :) Love him!!!!

me and Chloe

Us about to downtown Memphis

Family photo!!!


Love KAT

Egg Bowl Champs :)))))

after winning the game!!!

Maggie and Me and the Library :) fun night!!!

We are so ready to see the DAWGS play in the Gator Bowl New Years day!!!!

WP girls xmas at Anthony's!!!

back: Elizabeth, Jenny, Molly, Leanna, Mallorie
front: Anna, me, and Celia

group shot

me and Jenny!!!

Love y'all!!!!!!!!!!!

Celia, Jenny, Leanna and Molly
Christmas is right around the corner and I’ve already been to a couple Christmas parties—LOVE this time of year :) We actually hosted a tacky Christmas shower for Katie and Clay.. It was so much fun!!!!

girl group

funny girl group

William and me

Sam and Clay

Callie doing some wicked dance moves :)

typical: emma and megan

dance off (I won.... weird)

girls: Molly, Emma, me, Katie, and Courtney

Katie (BRIDE!!!) and me

Molly, Callie, Katie, me (phi murrrrrrrr)

courtney and me! (MSU grinch t-shirt!!)

my brownies I made (with Court's help) for the party!!!
I promise to post more... sorry that its been soooooooooooooo long!!!